Thierry Henry: ‘Anthony Martial Is A Far Better Player Than I Was At That Age’

Manchester United's Anthony Martial during the warm up before the match.

REUTERS/Andrew Yates

Manchester United’s frontline has always been one to fear. The glory days of the club were one where goals kept pouring and defenders were left puzzled as to who would be the next potential-scorer.

As the Sir Alex Ferguson era came to a close at Old Trafford, so did the ferocious intent with which they went about looking to score goals.

This has only recently come to a change and Anthony Martial has been amongst the players trying to engineer a renaissance.

In fact, such has been the brilliance of the Frenchman that his compatriot Thierry Henry has quite a bit of promise pegged onto the former Monaco man.

According to Arsenal legend Lee Dixon, Henry has confided that Martial needs an apt dressing room in order to replicate the kind of performances that he did.


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Speaking on the Handbrake Off podcast (via the Metro) in March, Dixon quotes Henry to have said: “He’s [Martial] exactly like I was when I came to Arsenal. He needs to go through the process like I did with you lot and I don’t know if the Manchester United dressing room is like that.”

Dixon goes on to opine: “I’m not saying he would have been as good as Thierry – but would have been similar if he [Martial] had been in the old United dressing room with the characters like what we had in our dressing room. He [Henry] certainly talks about that as a real learning lesson in his curve to get how brilliant he was.”


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This isn’t the first time that Henry has held high hopes for Martial. Just over two years ago, the Arsenal legend had this to say about the French forward: “Anthony Martial is a far better player than I was at that age. Martial can be world class.”

Prior to the lockdown, Martial had netted 16 goals in all competitions for Manchester United and was already looking sharp in the absence of Marcus Rashford.

The start of this campaign held much promise for him after Ole Gunnar Solskjaer reinstated him centrally and gave him back the no.9 jersey. Only the future will show how well he’ll continue to fare.