Deal Effectively Done: Jude Bellingham To Manchester United

Birmingham City's Jude Bellingham takes a walk around the pitch before the match.

Birmingham City’s Jude Bellingham takes a walk around the pitch before the match Action Images/Craig Brough

Manchester United’s hunt for some of Europe’s best upcoming talents looks to be the way forward.

Even though the Red Devils have set a precedent form last summer to acquire British talent with potential, the uncertainty of the times has made it a doubt as to how effectively the club will be able to execute the same.

In spite of that, the Old Trafford outfit may have made a big step in acquiring one the most promising teenagers in England.

As per 90min, United have effectively acquired Jude Bellingham, adding to months of speculation surrounding the 16-year-old, and pending an official move once the transfer window opens.

However, the twist in this particular claim is that United have also expressed an interest in signing his younger brother Jobe Bellingham, aged 15.

The report adds that United remain confident of securing the dual deal and have a good rapport with their family. The Bellinghams, however, still have options on the table before committing to the deal and can also mull over a move to the Bundesliga.

As for Birmingham, who also have Jobe in their youth academy, a transfer is still very much on the cards. For Jude, a transfer fee will have to be met whereas Jobe’s future could be subject to a different deal, including first-refusal options for United, as per the report.

It will be the elder Bellingham that United will be lobbying hard for given what he represents. Further, it is also likely that Ed Woodward and company are eyeing more of a financial angle rather than a development one with this package. The recent trends have seen youngsters switch clubs for mammoth sums with the likes of Borussia Dortmund and AS Monaco profiting from developed teenagers.

If true, does this claim mean that the Red Devils have acquired the next big duo of English football? Only time shall fully tell.