Man Utd Have Won More Points Than Any Other PL Team Since Bruno’s Debut

Manchester United's Bruno Fernandes.

Peter Powell/Pool via REUTERS

Man Utd post-Bruno Fernandes have looked like a drastically different team. Prior to January, there were serious talks about Ole Gunnar Solskjær being fired, especially given the form that United had dipped into.

After investing in the Portuguese midfielder during the winter transfer window, the side’s fortunes took a turn for the better, yet to taste defeat when the former Sporting star has been involved in a game.

While there is much to be said about the catalyzing effect that he has had with regard to mentality and the raw passion he brings to the pitch, the impact goes much beyond that and is certainly not overstated.

Following his goal and assist during the 5-2 battering of AFC Bournemouth at Old Trafford, which came at the back of a brace against Brighton, Fernandes’ overall contributions can be best captured in the following statistic.


Not to conflate correlation with causation, Fernandes has had a direct role to play in over half of United’s goals during this incredible period, aiding them to effectively be the best team in the League since his arrival. The attacking improvement, in particular, is a massive illustration of how the club has evolved.

The fact that they are still struggling for the Champions League spot speaks volumes as to how poor their performance was in the first-half of the season as well as how exceptionally well they’ve played in the post-lockdown games with a nearly all-fit squad who are at their finest form.

Every time such numbers come up regarding the 25-year-old, it becomes hard to not mention the reality that Man Utd had Fernandes on their radar since the summer itself and chose not to seal the deal back then.

One can only imagine how much of a bigger impact he would have made had the deal been in place then itself.