Video Shows How Much Martial & Rashford Have Transformed From Mourinho To Solskjaer

Manchester United's Marcus Rashford is congratulated by manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as he is substituted.

REUTERS/Phil Noble

Manchester United have seen an excellent renaissance in their form, with the goalscoring prowess of Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford being amongst the key differences.

This season was their best one in several regards, with both players registering the highest number of goals in their entire career. Rashford was able to muster 22 goals and 10 assists despite being marred by injury in the middle whereas Martial tied the English forward with 22 goals of his own and went one better with 11 assists to his name so far.

The change in mentality and ethos brought in by Ole Gunnar Solskjær is captured especially well by one video.

A twitter video highlighting the transition from Jose Mourinho’s United and how Rashford and Martial were faring then to Solskjær’s electric duo has gone viral.


The video certainly paints an emphatic picture of how grim things were looking for the duo under the Special One.

In particular, the claims that both the players were looking at potential exits appear jarring, even as the Portuguese gaffer downplays their significance in comparison to why they can’t replace Romelu Lukaku up-front.

Further, the fact that Martial and Rashford often occupied the same spot interchangeably and competing for a starting position seems archaic when compared to this season’s heroics.

The thought of these two forwards leaving United is bound to strike fear in the hearts of fans, not to mention the frankly cumbersome relationship Mourinho had also garnered with the likes of Luke Shaw and Paul Pogba, all factors leading to his eventual sacking.

Enter Solskjær and the barrage of goals. The competition this time around is one of matching each other goal-for-goal, the full brilliance of which was seen in almost every game after the lockdown period.

Fans now shudder at how the likes of Mason Greenwood would have been handled by Mourinho, if at all and they continue to hope big things for the future, starting with the Europa League form next week.