Zlatan Ibrahimovic Nearly Made Players Cry At Manchester United

Reuters / Darren Staples

Zlatan Ibrahimović certainly leads a life as colourful as his personality would promise.

At Manchester United, the striker took on the English challenge in full stride and had injury not cut his season short, there is no telling what he would have achieved further.

In fact, his time at Old Trafford involved him nearly driving some of his teammates to the verge of tears in training.

At least that is what Lee Grant recollects.

Speaking to MUTV, the United goalkeeper recounts his initial days at the side and how his teammates went on and on about the Swedish striker.

Grant reveals: “‘He [Zlatan] wasn’t here as a player but he was in LA, he came and visited us. All I was hearing in that first month or so, while I was acclimatising, were stories about Zlatan. His period at the club had just come to an end but the lads would talk about him constantly.”

The specifics are just what one would expect from the man, as Grant adds: “ ‘Do you remember when Zlatan did this?’, ‘Do you remember him getting on to such and such in training and he nearly made him cry?’, ‘Do you remember that thing he does, the kung-fu kick over his head?’, ‘Do you remember Zlatan scored that goal?’, ‘Do you remember when he nutmegged that guy and absolutely took the p***?’ I thought: “Oh my god, who is this Zlatan character?” But that was what it was like all the time.”

That is certainly something and definitely in keeping with the persona that Ibrahimović has so carefully curated for himself with his on-pitch antics and attitude.

Grant ends his recollections with his own appraisal of the striker and how when he faced off against United during his time at Stoke City, Ibrahimovic was “in my pocket somewhere.”