What Fans Are Saying About Shaw As Reguilon Goes To Tottenham

England's Luke Shaw prepares to take a throw in.

Reuters/Carl Recine

Luke Shaw appears to have got himself into a storm of opinions after a different left-back is perched to complete a transfer.

Most claims positively indicate that Tottenham Hotspur will acquire Sergio Reguilón from Real Madrid. The London side have seemingly nabbed the player despite it being Manchester United who were most linked with him in the past days.

It is understood that Daniel Levy’s team agreed to all the clauses and the precise transfer fee that United weren’t agreeing to for the 23-year-old.

However, as a result of this saga approaching its end, it seems that Luke Shaw’s position at Old Trafford is safe. Fans certainly had their say about that.

Twitter was riddled with a variety of reactions about Shaw once it became clear that Reguilón was not headed to the Theatre of Dreams.


Most reactions were ones about how Shaw is probably rejoicing that the transfer did not go through. Many others also pointed out that this was a crucial lifeline for the former Southampton man.

The English left-back had one of his better seasons last campaign but picked up an injury late on, adding another period of absence to an issue-riddled career. As such, the addition of the former Sevilla full-back was expected to sideline the 25-year-old Shaw.

Further still, academy graduate Brandon Williams will now get another chance to shine in the spot as he did for much of this year following his excellent ascent to the senior team.

Jose Mourinho and company may have gotten an ace player but supporters of the Red Devils seem adamant on now piling their faith back on their regular options.

Having said that, the grim reality remains that in the event of injury or poor form, Ole Gunnar Solskjær is still starved for options on that vital flank.