Fans Compare Alex Telles With Beckham After His Debut vs PSG

Manchester United's Luke Shaw and Alex Telles in action.

REUTERS/Gonzalo Fuentes

Manchester United’s 2-1 win over PSG in the Champions League was an exciting affair even before the kick-off whistle was blown.

For supporters of the Red Devils, the starting lineup held a new name, one that they were all eager for. Even though the summer transfer window did not placate the vast bulk of the club’s fan base as their top targets were not purchased, signings were made late nevertheless.

As such, fans have been eager to see the new names out in action.

On Tuesday, they got a taste of their first such instance and needless to say, it was a pleasant affair.

Alex Telles’ debut for Manchester United was one where everyone was happy.

The full-back’s ethos was well-appreciated and his crossing ability, in particular, was lauded repeatedly.

Supporters of the Red Devils took to Twitter to make their appreciation known.


The numbers he produced during the game told the story quite well. In fact, it can be argued that United have been bereft of a proper crosser of the ball for so long that the Brazilian just got further elevated in the sights of the supporters.

Goals from Marcus Rashford and Bruno Fernandes dictated their excellent display and individual displays like the one from Telles just further aided Solskjær’s tactics.

It will be interesting to see what larger role the 27-year-old will play in the season ahead.

During the PSG game, the back-three with Luke Shaw as the third defender enabled Telles’ positioning but that is not necessarily a tactic that will work every time.

As such, the Norwegian gaffer is bound to have an intriguing time in incorporating him into the lineup, which given how sparse the side’s options were a few months ago, isn’t an entirely bad thing.