Why This Is The Perfect Summer For Manchester United To Sell Paul Pogba

Manchester United's Paul Pogba celebrates after the match.

REUTERS/Peter Cziborra

Paul Pogba’s days at Manchester United have appeared numbered for a while now. Ever since the Frenchman expressed a desire to join Real Madrid, his departure was considered imminent. In fact, it would not be far-fetched to assume that if not for COVID-19, the likes of Los Blancos or Juventus would have snatched him away.

However, this summer PSG appear to be linked to the star once more and this time around there is an argument to be made as to just why United ought to sell him.

First and foremost, the sale would make plenty of sense from a financial perspective. The Frenchman has held value for the English side largely due to his commercial appeal but now it appears that the quickest way to cash in on his prowess is by selling him this summer. This is particularly precarious given that his contract at Old Trafford is slated to expire at the end of this campaign which could see the Red Devils lose him for free.

Likewise, United will be able to rebuild with a squad of players who truly wish to play and are happy to render their services to a club of the Mancunian’s stature. Pogba’s time at his boyhood outfit has not always reflected this attitude.

Now that the likes of Bruno Fernandes and even newcomer Jadon Sancho can make up for the commercial appeal, there certainly appears to be more financial incentives in making a sale rather than holding on to Pogba.

Further still, the money that comes in is bound to be sizable and this can be used smartly to reinvest in the squad. The post-pandemic economy is not a friendly one for blockbuster transfers and thus it makes sense for United to make use of the funds from such a sale to further reinforce their squad.

In this regard, the best use could be in purchasing a midfielder who is more suited to the set-up that Ole Gunnar Solskjær is shaping at Old Trafford. It has been apparent that a world-class central defensive midfielder is required if United are to pose a holistic tactical threat in their hunt for silverware. Thus, by freeing up an attacking midfielder who was deputed centrally for much of his time, the roster can instead benefit from the addition of a specialist.

Even if the higher-ups at the Theatre of Dreams might target a like-for-like replacement, the current window posits much promise. Chief here is Eduardo Camavinga who can easily slot into the role that the World Cup winner was adept at since his prodigal return from Serie A.

Likewise, a player of Camavinga’s youth can also act as potential for a future sale, that too for a price that can be viewed as a bargain in the years to come. All in all, United’s replacement can function as a player who best suits their midfield needs, even if the individual in question is not as talented as Pogba.

Moreover, it may appear counterintuitive to sell a player who performed exceptionally well in Euros. However, this plays into the argument to facilitate a move given that at the age of 28, the often exit-bound Pogba may not have that many peaks left during which to capitalize on a sale.

Ed Woodward and company would benefit immensely if such a bold transfer move is made this summer, underlining the club’s philosophy.