What Fans Are Saying About Ten Hag Confirming Maguire As Captain

Manchester United's Harry Maguire.

Reuters/Lee Smith

It is fair to say that 2021/22 was not the best of seasons for Manchester United. Of course, that did not look like the case a year ago, what with the seemingly unthinkable signing of Cristiano Ronaldo secured amidst other promising arrivals and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer looking keen on capitalizing on a trophy-run.

None of that took place and things are not the brightest at United at the moment either. The Premier League side is linked with a host of names but only one of them has officially materialized so far and Ronaldo is still not assuredly a part of the squad this season if reports of his purported wish to leave are true.

In the midst of all this gloom, Erik ten Hag promises much stability going forward. However, the gaffer’s most recent decision appears to have divided the United faithful.

In his first press-conference of the ongoing pre-season tour, the topic of the captain’s hand band came up and Ten Hag was clear as he asserted: “Harry Maguire is the captain. Of course, I have to get to know all the players and it takes time. But he is an established captain for a few years and he has achieved a lot of success, so I don’t doubt about this issue.”

Needlessly to say, a decent chunk of the United faithful were not happy with the decision. Many of them singled out Maguire last campaign and made him the poster boy of the side’s abysmal failure.




Further still, some were of the opinion that Ronaldo’s current situation of seeming uncertainty as a United player ought to have seen the captain’s role go to him. The name of Bruno Fernandes likewise did the rounds as another worthwhile candidate ignored.

However, there were also those voices that backed the manager’s decision, maintaining that Maguire is still an incredible defender and has the leadership qualities in him to take the side forward.