Man United Captain: People are writing stuff they know nothing about

After Louis van Gaal, now it’s Wayne Rooney’s turn to have a pop at the media.

The Dutchman, who has found himself under increasing pressure lately, stunned the reporters at Carrington on Wednesday, when he walked out of his weekly press conference after taking just three questions.

Wayne Rooney has sympathized with his manager, and insisted that the United players are working hard to ease the pressure on Van Gaal.

“It’s okay for me to deal with, but there’s people in my family who aren’t used to it and it’s tough for them.

“Obviously you have a lot of people talking about things they believe are happening but in reality a lot of people who are writing that stuff don’t know what’s happening.

“We’re working hard and fighting for the manger to try to get results and turn the season around. It’s important we all stick together.”

Man United captain also revealed that the team’s current slump is hurting the players, and is aware of the need to improve fast.

“As a group of players we know we can do better and we’re all working together to try to come up with the best solution to help us win football matches,” said the English captain.

“It’s not nice when you’re getting criticised every game. It’s tough for the players to deal with. We get hurt because we’re proud people and proud to play for Manchester United. When it’s not going right it’s hard to take and frustrating.”



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