REVEALED: Why Ronaldinho Ended Indian Futsal Adventure Hastily

Brazilian Legend, Ronaldinho, had to cut short his recent adventure in the Indian Premier Futsal League and return to his home country immediately.

Ronaldinho just recently began his career in the Premier Futsal – scoring 5 goals on his debut for his side, Goa. The Brazilian scored against Paul Scholes’ side Bengaluru.

The Brazilian maestro dominated the match, and showed the world that he still retains his class.

But, Ronaldinho had to cut his time in India short – reason being that he has been appointed as the “brand ambassador” of the Para-Olympic Games to be held in Rio – requiring the Brazilian’s urgent presence.

His absence will be filled, however, by another Brazilian player – Cafu, who turned 46 last month.

Ronaldinho wrote the following letter to announce his departure from the Indian Futsal league:

“Hello my friends,

Hope you have enjoyed Premier Futsal as much as I have.

I have had an amazing time playing in Chennai.

The energies and the love I get from India every time I am here is truly heart-warming.

Unfortunately, just when I was getting in my groove and getting to know the country better, I have to go back, as my country needs me.

The para-Olympics committee has honored me to be their ambassador, which requires me to be in Brazil. I was looking forward to being in Goa, but I learnt only yesterday of this development. I am delighted to spent these days in your beautiful country and promote the game I grew up playing.

But I promise to be back for Season 2 of Premier Futsal, much stronger.

But I am leaving you in great hands, Cafu, will replace me as your marquee player. He is a very dear friend and is a top quality player and I am sure he will light the league up.

Thank you.”

Ronaldinho has previously played for over 7 clubs throughout his career. Making his name with club and country – his most famous era coming in 2003-2008 during his time in Barcelona.


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