Zinedine Zidane Provides Crucial Information Amidst Pogba Speculation

Galacticos manager, Zinedine Zidane, has revealed that he is interested in the French International, but that he already has enough World Class players in his squad.

Paul Pogba has been targeted by Manchester United for the past month, as Jose Mourinho sees Pogba as the missing piece in this midfield. Speculation still persists, even though Juventus’ manager claimed that Paul Pogba belongs in Turin.

Real Madrid were believed to have been scared off from signing the French International after they found out the price tag that Juventus placed on him – a record-breaking €120 million.

Paul Pogba is known to prefer a move to the Spanish capital, but with Real not making a move for the player, Manchester United remain his only choice.

Real Madrid’s manager, Zinedine Zidane, spoke about the Frenchman during a press conference that was held in Montreal. Zidane revealed:

“I’m very happy with the squad I have available. It’s difficult to improve.

“Do I like Pogba? Of course, he’s a very good player and every club wants the best players, but right now he’s at Juve and we have a large squad already.

“There are still lots of players yet to join up with the squad and with the Euros going on we couldn’t do anything. We have three games coming up and that’s the focus at the moment.”

With Pogba out of his mind, Zidane went on to speak about Pogba’s former teammate, Alvaro Morata. The Spaniard just returned to Real Madrid, after his buy-back clause was activated by Zidane.

The Real Madrid boss said he was looking forward to incorporating Morata into the squad.

“As for Morata he’s a player of this squad, he’s back and I’m glad about that,” Zidane stated. “He’s home, he knows what it means to play here and I’m glad that he’s back with us.

“Alvaro is an added resource for our team.”


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