Martial’s Brother Takes Aim At His Ex-Wife Following Instagram Drama

Anthony Martial’s brother, Johan Martial, who plays for Troyes, has taken aim at Anthony’s ex-wife Samantha on Instagram.

Samantha has taken digs at Anthony Martial on social media on several occasions after the couple separated. And now, Anthony Martial’s elder brother has penned a lengthy message to slam striker’s ex-wife.

Translation of his post ( originally posted in French.

“Samantha, I accept that you’re having a hard time coping with the situation with my brother but I can’t hear your lies anymore because you’re hurting Anthony and our name.

“1. You were not married to Anthony

“2. You didn’t meet Anthony when he had nothing but when he was a Monaco player so was already making a very, very good living.

“3. Anthony pays you €3500/ month for you to provide for Peyton (their child) since the day of separation – So much more than a judge would give you. So claiming you do not have the money to buy a high chair is an incredible lie.

“4. Anthony loves his daughter and wants to see her every day. He has apparently become a very bad father since he is no longer with you but he was the best three months ago.

“5. Constantly making drama on social networks is shameful. When you were with Anthony you almost never posted?

“Anthony prefers not to talk in public but I can not let your little game last.

“Watching you play the victim is unbearable and it’s obviously just to make money. Millions of couples break up and do not pay € 3,500 a spouse, especially after never being married. I am obliged to restore the truth and I hope that you’ll pull yourself together for the good of Peyton.

“I can understand that you suffer from the situation and after this message you are free to make a sketch and victimise yourself but it is important to restore some truths. “Anthony will always be there for his daughter and my family.



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