Mikel Taunts Pogba With Old Video On Twitter

Chelsea’s Mikel John Obi has taunted Manchester United’s record signing Paul Pogba with an old video that he uploaded on Twitter.

Manchester United shattered the world transfer record this week, after they re-signed their former midfield man, Paul Pogba, for a massive £89 million.

The Frenchman’s arrival seemed the perfect time for Obi to post a short video on Twitter, just to have a little light-hearted banter with Pogba.

Mikel posted a video of him performing what has to be one of the most daring nutmegs of all time. Pogba, the recipient, had no idea what was happening. To top it off, Mikel added the caption “Welcome back to the Premier League, Pogba – look forward to facing you again my friend.”

The 29-year-old Nigerian, who was once a Manchester United player, seems happy that Pogba will be re-joining the English Premier League.

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John’s tweet has since gone viral, being retweeted thousands of times. However, it won’t discourage Pogba, as he is keen to complete his “unfinished business” at the club.

However, the star signing will not be able to make his debut this Sunday, even though he has already begun his training with the first team.

The 23-year-old received two yellow cards during last year’s Coppa Italia, and since he hasn’t served his one-match suspension yet, it has been transferred to the English league.

But Pogba could make his debut for the club during Friday’s match against Southampton.

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