McQueen: Schweinsteiger The Result Of Bad Business By Van Gaal

Gordon McQueen, a Manchester United legend, has criticized former United manager, Louis Van Gaal, over the signing of Bastian Schweinsteiger, who is currently causing Jose Mourinho problems.

The Scotsman believes that Van Gaal didn’t do his homework properly when he decided to sign Schweinsteiger, because the former German captain is way past his best days.

Gordon McQueen spoke with Goal when he said:

“It was obvious even before he signed for United that time has caught up with him and he doesn’t have the legs anymore. I don’t think United signed a world-class player. If you look at his record over the previous two seasons it was not good.

“I know that he won a World Cup with Germany in 2014, but his club performances were largely poor and there wasn’t that many of them.

“It was a bad bit of business by Louis Van Gaal. His signings were, by and large, a disaster. In this case, it is his successor who is having to deal with it, but it’s a bit of a mess.”

McQueen also went on to state that the German Champions would not sell one of their top player to a rival club, something that Manchester United should have sniffed out before completing the transfer.

“Bayern Munich would not sell a top player to a rival like Manchester United. They only let him go because his best days were behind him and they were looking to move on.”

Jose Mourinho has banished Schweinsteiger to train with the reserves as he doesn’t see a future for the German. The Special One also made it clear that he will even pick players of the Youth Squad over Bastian.

Schweinsteiger has already confirmed that Manchester United will be his last club in Europe, and McQueen suggests that the German could opt for a more money-rewarding deal elsewhere, possibly the Chinese Super League or the MLS in America.

“The reason why he says United will be his last club in Europe is because he won’t be getting that kind of money anywhere else in Europe,” McQueen said.

“He has come here for one reason and one reason only and that is money. He is getting a lot more than he was getting at Bayern Munich.”


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