Wenger Prevents Mourinho From Sitting Next To Him In Latest Clash Between Pair

Arsene Wenger kept the fire burning in his never ending feud with Jose Mourinho by refusing to let the Portuguese sit next to him at a coaches conference.

The conference was held by UEFA at its headquarters in Nyon, and Wenger made no attempt to keep his rivalry with Mourinho aside for even a few hours.

According to reports in Spanish newspaper Marca, Mourinho attempted to take a seat next to the Gunners boss, but the Frenchman refused, saying ‘No, it is not possible,’ which was followed up by an awkward silence and laughter.

The pair have been at it for a decade now, with both going on rants and exchanging constant jabs during press conferences.


Mourinho famously called Wenger a ‘voyeur’ and a ‘specialist in failure,’ while the Frenchman has referred to the 53-year-old as a ‘stupid person’ who was ‘out of order, disconnected with reality and disrespectful.’

Their most recent clash came over United’s signing of Paul Pogba for a world record fee of £89 million.

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Quoted in Tuttosport, Wenger said: “It’s complete madness when measured against real life, but we live in a world in which everything that happens is geared towards moving money around.

“It’s complete madness – but it seems that if you can afford to do it, you can justify it. Football has become a global competition and that is why clubs are chucking these kinds of sums around.

“Does it make sense because the player can deliver a return on that investment? I don’t think anyone can make that call.

“Since I’ve been in the game I’ve always thought there would be a limit to how much clubs could spend on a player but it looks like I’ve been proved wrong.

“Maybe in a few years’ time we’ll be talking about fees of 200 or 300 million”

Mourinho responded by saying that Wenger was unethical for speaking about clubs other than his own.


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