5 Reasons Why Manchester United Must Sign Antoine Griezmann

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Antoine Griezmann is probably the most talked about footballer in the world at the moment and rightly so, as it has been a year for him filled with splendid performances and now on the verge of heading toward a new club in the coming summer.

The player was the runner-up in the Champions League and Euro in 2016 and was behind only Messi and Ronaldo in the race for the Ballon d’Or in the year gone by. When such a player is ready to be available up for grabs, it goes without saying that the number of hands spreading out to welcome him will be in huge quantities from all around the world.

The player has been heavily linked with Manchester United and has reportedly agreed to a verbal deal with the club, and after such mega news breaking out, we give you 5 reasons why we say United should totally sign this player up and finish what they have started:


1. Obviously, Goals

The main objective of signing Griezmann, or any forward, as a matter of fact, is simply getting a good number of goals. Any forward carries huge expectations of an estimated number of times he should find the back of the net in a season while coming to a new club, and that number goes up a notch if the team is none other than the Premier League giants Manchester United.

The Red Devils are a side known to always play an attacking football with a classy forward, carrying the skill of lethal finishing, being an integral part of their team and that is exactly the top reason why they should bring in La Liga striker Griezmann.

Known for his goals which can come from long range, tap ins, headers, either foot and also acrobatically, the lad fits the bill of being an idle centre-forward for Manchester United. With a history of having RVP, Rooney, Ibrahimovic, Ronaldo, Forlan, Cole, Saha, Nistelrooy and much more, Griezmann is a player that can surely come to the club and easily glide into this elite class of greatness.

2. The Number 7 Jersey

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George Best, Eric Cantona, David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo are all legendary players to have achieved it all at the highest level of football and all have one special thing in common when it comes to Manchester United, the famous iconic number 7 Jersey.

The Red Devils number 7 Jersey carries great history and is a shirt filled with honour that is dying to fit the player worthy enough to carry it forward for a few years to come. Ever since Cristiano Ronaldo left, the likes of Owen, Valencia, Di Maria and most recently Memphis have all worn the jersey but have cracked under the pressure it brings and have not been able to bring the justice it deserves.

However, Griezmann comes across as a player who can change all of that and with a possible arrival to the club, he can choose to wear number 7 and use his skills, passion and abilities to take it back to the top and make its previous owners proud. This jersey needs pace, leadership, huge amounts of flare and skill and the French forward seems to have it all in abundance.

3. The Future

Ever since the exit of Sir Alex Ferguson and players like Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra and many club legends, Manchester United have been a club to have been stuck in the rebuilding phase which has not been going so well up until this point. With the likes of Carrick and Rooney also coming to an end in their careers and Ibrahimovic not so young anymore, United are in desperate need to bring in players with talent no doubt.

And this is why Griezmann should be the first player in Mourinho’s and Woodward’s mind for a job like this, as with his age, best years and best of abilities all yet to come, he could be exactly what United can build around.

4. Advantage Over Rivals

France's Antoine Griezmann and Paul Pogba.

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It is fair to say that when a player of Griezmann’s quality and class will be up for sale, more than a few of the big teams and names around the world will be itching to get their hands on the talented striker.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance for United to go ahead and get their man before their rivals, namely Chelsea or Arsenal. Both teams have already been linked with the player and if United want to challenge for the title next season and be at par with their oppositions, the deal has do be done quick and fast.

5. Title Winning Hunger

Manchester United, a club solely associated with titles and achievements, have been a little off the radar when it comes to lifting trophies since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson and they desperately need to get back on track before falling too far out and behind in that category.

Antoine Griezmann is a man who fights for titles and after missing out on the biggest ones in 2016, he is desperately hungry to win a few and is reportedly ready to give his all for a bit of silverware. He and the club match in terms of winning mentalities and with the lad only 25, United need his abilities and drive to take them a step closer towards the coveted trophies they so dearly fight for.

With a player like Griezmann, 5 reasons are probably too less to highlight the contributions he will bring to Manchester United, but among the many, we have highlighted the ones we feel should be on the top of the Red Devil’s management staff and the deal should be carried out immediately and effectively.


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