Bayern Munich Embarrass Man United Fan On Twitter

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If only it wasn’t enough for them to be one of the greatest teams on the pitch, Bayern Munich have gone ahead and proved they are also one of the coolest off it and they have done so through the social media platform of Twitter.

Bayern Munich are a team known for their impeccable humour usage on their Twitter Account or rather official American Twitter account and time and again they have made it clear they are not someone to be messed with.

FCBayernUS might not be the ideal news spot, but it can be said to be the same for humour and the art of trolling. With a history of trolling Leipzig after their 3-0 win in December over them or famously ridiculing Arsenal during the Champions League Draw, Bayern have always been on top of their opposition during social media wars.

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The account has now gone a step ahead and taken to fans who try to troll them, as one Manchester United supporter realised that with a burn which won’t be easy to cure.

With reference to reports in The Mirror, when the Champions League Twitter account posted an image of upcoming clashes this week in the competition, Bayern responded hysterically with a GIF of Alaba and Ribery doing the dab as they get ready to face Arsenal, their favourite opponents to knock out apparently.

One Manchester United fan tried to be too clever and had a dig at the dabbing style of the players which was enough for @FCBayernUS to take savagery to a whole new level. The account tagged the United Fan and posted an image of Pogba and Lingard dabbing with a caption that read .”To Europa League? Looks like there’s already enough dabbing down there.”

This was definitely shut the fan up and also send a message to the others out there clearly implying who is the boss around here.

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