Former United Manager Claims Wayne Rooney Might Return To Everton

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Despite rumours of guaranteed big money and playing time offered in China for Wayne Rooney, David Moyes believes the current Manchester United skipper would prefer heading back to the club that launched him into the Premier League, the blue half of Merseyside.

Moyes, the manager of Everton at that time, bought a young Rooney to the club at the age of 16 and as per reports in The Telegraph, he believes the player will go back to his boy hood club and end his career in the league that made him who he is today.

A player of Rooney’s talent, records and potential will surely receive countless offers from the likes of Chinese and American leagues but Everton also come as a team looking to get their target man and when asked that question, Moyes said, “My feeling is there is only one other club Wayne would play for in the Premier League, and that’s Everton.”

Once the topic was raised, the current Sunderland boss added a few words saying, ”He’s been a brilliant Manchester United player and given everything for them. But he’s an Everton supporter and I think they are now in a position where they could take it on [a deal for Rooney]. Wayne is still incredibly close to the club.”

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David Moyes also praised Rooney for deciding to stay at Manchester United until the end of the season and not make hasty decisions towards an immediate future.

To conclude his statements on the current situation, the Scot added “Wayne has been in the spotlight since he was 16 – he’s had a lot of coverage and been followed everywhere, some of it good, some of it bad.

Whatever he decides will be for the best of him and his family. He’s 31 and has had a brilliant career, but I think he could play on and on, if he wants to. His body is robust enough to take it.”

Moyes is currently struggling with management as his Sunderland side are amidst a relegation battle which is getting harder by each passing day.

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