Zlatan Ibrahimovic Reveals The Reason He Signed For Manchester United

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Manchester United sensation Zlatan Ibrahimovic has revealed that his two sons convinced him to join the Old Trafford outfit and also admitted a call from Jose Mourinho in the beginning of the season.

The 35-year-old former Swedish international defied all the odds this season and has been a megastar this season. His presence on the field has always cheered the team up and his recent performance against the likes of Blackburn Rovers and Southampton is the perfect specimen of it.

With scores tied at 1-1 against Blackburn in the FA Cup tie, the giant Swede stepped onto the field and handed United a much-needed victory, while his sheer brilliance against Southampton in the EFL Cup final was exemplary.

He gave his side the lead with a sumptuous free-kick and as soon as it was thought that the game would progress beyond the normal time, the former Juventus, Inter, Barcelona and PSG striker scored the decisive goal of the game which eventually proved to be the winner.

Soon after the cup triumph, the 35-year-old was speaking to the reporters and as quoted by the Daily Mail, he said:

‘It is special, not about age, I was not worried about age because I know what I am able to do.

‘It is because I am here in England. After all these years [people said] “he didn’t come and show himself here” but I came. And I came when people thought it was impossible for me to do what I am able to do. It feels good. I am enjoying it.’

Furthermore, the Swedish revealed that he might not have joined Manchester United if his two sons – Maximilian, 10, and Vincent, 8 – had not persisted the player to come to England.

The source further claims that he was planning to travel somewhere else, but a call from Jose Mourinho did the trick and he ended up joining the club.

‘My mind was not here,’ he admitted. ‘Then my kids started to bump my head and Jose called, then I am here. In your career you have moments. I did not come to England before because it was not the moment. I came when I thought it was the moment and the moment was there.

‘If we speak about the coach, England, the Premier League, the club has to thank him because he called me and asked me to come here, otherwise I would not have been here. Even my two kids wanted to see me play at United.

‘I had my mind somewhere else. Before everything was coming on top of the table, then Jose called. I have a special relationship with him. When he called it was basically, “Tell me what number I should wear”.

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Ibrahimovic officially made Manchester United England’s most successful club with his two wonderful goals, but there is a slight doubt about his future. Mourinho, on his part, has quite clearly mentioned that he wants Ibrahimovic to stay, but the player himself has stated that he has not made a decision about it till date.

While a few days back, it was reported that his future will solely depend on Manchester United’s qualification in Champions League, the 35-year-old cleared the clouds by saying:

‘It’s not about that,’ he explained. ‘I came here and the club wasn’t in the Champions League. So it had nothing to do with the Champions League. It has nothing to do with that.’

In the post-match interview, Ibrahimovic said that he ‘felt like a lion’ after the game and further explained what would he do with his 32nd silverware.

‘It is in the museum. I have a house only for the medals!’ he said

Certainly a galatic personnel at the Theatre of Dreams

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