Transfer Review: Neymar To United, Aguero To Real Madrid

Barcelona's Neymar reacts during the match against Leganes.

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With transfer rumours in abundance around the world of football at all given times of the year, we at BlameFootball make it easier for you to stay connected to the gossips and reports of what’s going around with the biggest names and teams in the sport.

Here is our weekly review of the Top Transfer Rumours:


1. Neymar to Manchester United:

What’s the story?

Mourinho is reportedly eyeing Neymar as a player to join his squad at Old Trafford in order to strengthen their team over the summer as per reports given by Sport and has hence made direct contact with the player over a phone call to ask him if the deal sounds interesting enough for further action to be taken.

Heart of the matter

After recent remarks from Griezmann claiming his future is set at Atletico Madrid, the Portuguese manager incharge of the Red Devils is ready to switch his number one target to Brazilian play maker Neymar. Jose wanted the winger during his time at Madrid but was left disappointed as the player chose arch rivals Barcelona.

Blame Football’s Take

We believe this deal might carry a bit of weightage as Mourinho is known for conducting his transfers on a personal contact level and will be looking for a goal getter for next season to play along side Ibrahimovic and relieve some pressure from the shoulder of 35 years old Swede international.

Possibility of this transfer however might not be higher than a 5/10 with Neymar ready to be the next Messi at the Nou Camp.

2. Aguero To Real Madrid:

Manchester City's Sergio Aguero celebrates scoring their second goal.

Reuters / Phil Noble

What’s the story?

If reports of The Sun are to be believed, Sergio Aguero is eyeing a way out of the Etihad when the summer arrives and has set his next destination as the Santiago Bernabeu. The player has not been a favourite pick for new manager Pep Guardiola and hence might not be too keen to stay once the window opens.

Heart of the matter

Despite several statements from Guardiola claiming Aguero is still integral to the squad, it is evident for the world to see that new arrival Gabriel Jesus is the number one choice to lead the attack for the blues and a place on the bench is a little too less to settle for a player with the calibre and talent of Sergio Aguero. The player is a fan favourite after scoring an unforgettable goal in City’s title winning campaign under Mancini but has recently been a little under the radar which seems to have reached a saturation point for the Argentine wizard.

BlameFootball’s Take

With world class skill and goal scoring abilities, Aguero comes across as a perfect match for Real Madrid and BlameFootball believes a mega deal might well be around the corner.

Possibility of this transfer – 7/10

3. David De Gea to Real Madrid

Manchester United's David De Gea looks dejected.

Reuters / Hannah McKay

What’s the story?

Ever since De Gea has settled into United as one of the world’s best keepers, he has been chased by the La Liga giants for a possible transfer and the same story seems to be unfolding as the summer window arrives. With Real Madrid desperate to get the Spaniard into their ranks, Spanish news outlet Don Balon now claims Raphael Varane is being offered to United for a swap deal by the club owners, despite him being one of Zidane’s favourite players in the squad.

Heart of the matter

Varane was a player Mourinho signed during his Madrid days in 2011 and that could be a factor Perez would be considering to use in order to sell the defender and in return bring to the Bernabeu one of the best shot stoppers in the world. This decision however may not go down well with Zidane as Varane comes across as an untouchable in the coach’s favourite starting XI.

BlameFootball’s Take

However strong the rumour, we believe this is a subject which will not turn out to be anything more than that in the near future. Such a deal contains a limited possibility of actually coming to life, a 3/10 from our side.

4. Lacazette to Atletico Madrid

Alexandre Lacazette celebrates his goal for Olympique Lyon.

REUTERS/Emmanuel Foudrot

What’s the story?

The Griezmann-United saga is one which will not be short of rumours, reports and assumptions until the opening and closing of the summer window and if latest gossip is considered to be true, the Spanish club might allow the French striker to leave if only they can lure Lyon’s hitman Alexandre Lacazette to come to Spain, according to the Telegraph.

Heart of the matter

Antoine Griezmann is Manchester United’s number one target for the summer and it will be foolish to rule out the high possibility of such a move. As a result, Atletico are taking steps to find a suitable replacement for the Frenchman and his fellow country person Lacazette has come out as an option suitable enough to fill his shoes. The current Ligue 1 striker is in hot form and has been a wanted property since a couple of seasons gone by. The player currently has 22 goals in the ongoing season of club football in the league and with his pace, power and lethal finishing abilities, he is destined for success if he arrives in Spain.

BlameFootball’s Take

BlameFootball believes this is possibly the strongest rumour of the year and with all the news surrounding it and evidences and incidents around it, it is a negotiation waiting to reach it’s soon arriving inevitability. We give it a strong 8/10 in it’s favour.

5. Isco to Barcelona

Real Madrid's Francisco "Isco" Alarcon scores a goal.

REUTERS/Susana Vera

What’s the story?

As Real Madrid offered Isco a blank cheque granting him his wishful amount to stay put at the club, the player made it clear he is not ready to commit to the Bernabeu until the end of the season, a decision he will take considering the game time he receives until then. And Goal understands that Barcelona will try to take advantage of the situation.

Heart of the matter

In the mean while, Zidane and Madrid are afraid of losing out their Spanish master midfielder to arch rivals Barcelona, a team the player has grown up supporting. Perez reportedly believes the delay of commitment from Isco is a result of Barca attention and actions and has hence angered the Madrid president. However, Zidane on the other end stays adamant on his squad rotation policies and believes if Isco is a professional and wants to stay at the club nothing can force him to leave but also understands if he makes an exit to earn more game time.

BlameFootball’s Take

BlameFootball understands the situation to be too delicate to predict at the moment and despite Barcelona being a club Isco loves, one cannot take away the fact that they are a team you simply do not join once you have worn a jersey having the Real Madrid logo on it. We rate this transfer rumour a 5/10 based on it’s likeliness of taking place.


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