Why Football Is The Best Sport?

Reuters / Carl Recine

Players on a pitch, with fans around and nothing but a ball. Similar to a lot of sports out of there, but which is the greatest of them all?

Not the ones with a bat or helmets or racquets, in fact nothing else at all The answer is what some call soccer, but if you really love it, you call it football.

There are a million reasons to love the game, a few can be the money, the team you favour or the huge amount of fame, but those aside, it’s the sporting passion, something that no matter what never goes out of fashion.

It’s wearing your heart on your sleeve and performing wonders with your feet for the world to believe. To be one with the millions that are behind you no matter what, to everything coming down to one last shot.

The joy of victory and the disaster of defeat, it’s what players and fans share together in this remarkable feat

Bragging rights and banter or club anthems that people sing with pride, it’s the best feeling in the world to be on the winning side

Rivalries like no other among millions for a team they will die for, or legends when they leave, all unite and cry for. And with outcomes unpredictable which no one can expect, at the end of it all it beautifully ends with respect

Some bring joy by wearing gloves while some stand tall right at the back Some create magic halfway through the pitch while some produce miracles in attack

It’s a sport played with 22 but as you know by now it’s better than the ones with a racqeut or sticks or a bat

It’s a matter of life and death, as a wise man once said, and it certainly is much more than that.

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