Who Is The All Time Best Footballer in India?

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India is a nation dominated by it’s cricket and the glory that it brings. In a country worshipping the sport, football has generally taken a back seat.

However with the ISL and the I-league gaining promotion and the national Indian team climbing up the ranks, one can say the future of Indian Football looks bright.

The sport has had a few big names wear the blue Indian jersey and despite not being media attention grabbers, they have been excellent in one thing, football. In such a list, we try to pick out who indeed is the best footballer in India?

1. Baichung Bhutia

Probably the leader of this list and the top name to answer this question. Baichung is one the greatest ever players to have played for the country and was a lethal striker back in his day.

Originally from the state of Sikkim, he is known popularly across the country as the ‘Sikkimese Sniper’, a name apt for a forward of his class and stature. He also has been described as ‘God’s Gift to Indian Football’ and rightly so.

2. Sunil Chhetri


A legend in the present. Sunil is a forward that currently plays for Bengaluru FC at club level and has grown to become the present captain of the National side. Pace, cleverness, skill and agility are all well balanced in a perfect package that he is.

He is currently the record breaker and holder as India’s leading goal scorer with an impressive tally of 51 goals in just 91 games. At the age of 32, he’s still as fit as a young boy playing the game for the first time and can immensely contribute in this exciting growing phase of Indian football.


Apart from these two iconic legends in the country’s footballing record books, there are a few other names that can be given honourable mentions in this list of being called the greatest. Forward I.M.Vijayan is one of the best to have played for the country while keeper Subrata Pal has been a fine shot stopper for the nation.


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