Who Is The Greatest Player Of All Time?

Reuters / Albert Gea

Who is the greatest player of all time is a debate which is never ending and here are some of the names that spring to mind when this question comes along:

1. Pele

A Brazilian legend, a footballing god and a country’s hero, Pele has to be the first name in this debate.

Countless honours, unbeatable ability and add to that 3 world cups with Brazil along with a world record of 1283 career goals, all contribute in making him probably the best there ever has been. He and Maradona shared the player of the century award too.

2. Diego Maradona

Argentinian star Diego Maradona raises his arm in the air after scoring his game winning goal against England.

REUTERS/POOL/Ted Blackbrow

Pele vs Maradona will be the greatest debate for football fans of the years gone by and the Argentine surely competes with the Brazilian with 346 career goals, a world cup title and the scorer of probably both the greatest and controversial goals ever goal in footballing history.

3. Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi shoots to score.

REUTERS/Heino Kalis

The Maradona of the 21st century, Messi has proved to the world he is the best this generation has ever seen with 5 ballon d’ors, unbelievable skills and records, a replica of Maradona’s wonder goal and turning Barca into a great club.

The only thing missing is an international title with Argentina to be called the greatest ever.

4. Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates winning the FIFA Club World Cup Final with the trophy.

Reuters / Kim Kyung-Hoon

The Pele to Messi’s Maradona, Ronaldo has matched the Argentine in all formats of the game in every manner and at all times.

4 Ballon D’ors and club glory with the two biggest teams in the world, Manchester United and Real Madrid and now Euro success with Portugal, the man has won everything there is to win and is surely deserving to be on the list of the greatest to ever step on the field.

5. Franz Beckenbauer

The greatest ever defender to be a part of the game and a German winner. A skilful mastermind and a winner of the world cup and Euro with Germany.

Along side such legends, there are many other names that are on the minds of footballing fans to choose as the greatest ever player of all time and they are Zinedine Zidane, George Best, Alfredo Di Stefano, Johan Cruyff and many many more.


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