FIFA Confirm Continent Allocation for 2026 World Cup, Indians Given Boost

FIFA headquarters in Zurich.

REUTERS/Arnd Wiegmann

The World Cup is about to undergo drastic formation changes once 2026 arrives, as FIFA’s Council Bureau has officially agreed on the number of places each of the six global confederations will get in the event.

This move heavily benefits lesser football experienced nations of Asia and Africa, as they will have a guaranteed number of slots to fulfill, which will be double than what it currently is.

This will be the first time the competition will have 16 more teams taking part in it than usual, and this might just be the breakthrough Indian Football needs to enter the biggest footballing stage in the world.

The current slots for the AFC teams are four and a half, but with the new system in place, the number will be raised to 8, and that gives India better hopes of giving its fans the chance to see their nation play in the world cup.

This chance comes at the perfect time as the young Indians prepare to take part in the U-17 world cup next year as hosts, the first time the country will be a part of the event. This will give them experience and exposure to prepare for the grand stage in 2026 and hopefully get a taste of the oppositions they will face on the way to there.

However, India is currently ranked 20th out of 40 teams in the AFC, and the quality will have to increase in humongous magnitudes in order to break through into the top 10 and produce results that will matter.

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