Liverpool Given A Transfer Ban After Trying To Sign An Under-Age Player

Reuters / Andrew Boyers

Liverpool have been fined £100,000 and have also been given a two-year academy transfer ban after they were found guilty of tapping in a 12-year-old Stoke City youngster.

BBC has reported that Liverpool won’t be able to sign any academy player who has been registered with a Premier League or even with a Championship club in the previous 18 months.

Liverpool have accepted that they have breached the rules and in a brief statement, the club said: “The club accepts the sanction.”

The Merseysiders have been accused of making an application to register a 12-year-old unnamed youngster from Stoke City. The clubs also accepted the fact that they spoke to the player, for whom, they should have paid for.

Furthermore, they also accepted to pay his school fee, which was, at that time, being paid by Stoke City, and as per the rules, a benefit can only be offered if it is applicable to all youngsters across the club’s academy.

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Rule 299.1 states: “No club shall induce or attempt to induce a player to become registered as an academy player by that club by offering him, or any person connected with him, either directly or indirectly, a benefit or payment of any description whether in cash or in kind.”

And the Premier League rule stated: “The club will pay a fine of £100,000 and will be prohibited from registering any academy players who have been registered with a Premier League or EFL club in the preceding 18 months.

“This ban will last for two years, with the second year suspended for a three-year period (to be activated in the event of any further similar breach by the club).”

Liverpool, initially, were reluctant to comment anything on it, but they now have accepted all the charges and with this, they have joined the likes of Atletico Madrid, Barcelona and Real Madrid – who were also given a transfer ban for signing an underaged player.


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