Two Superstars Are On The Brink Of Missing El Classico

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There is a huge possibility that the upcoming El Classico might miss two of the biggest names of the fixture. The first being Barcelona’s Neymar, while the other is Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo.

The former was given his marching orders in Barcelona’s shocking 2-0 defeat at hands of Malaga on Saturday, and with this, the Catalan club’s chances of reaching the summit of La Liga took a severe dip. They had the perfect opportunity to close the deficit as Real Madrid played out a 1-1 draw against Atletico Madrid, but Enrique’s men failed to live upto the billing.


Barcelona's Neymar reacts.

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To add further misery to it, Neymar was given a red card and that will see him missing the following fixture. But what added the spark to this decision was the fact that he sarcastically applauded the referee and this could hand him an extra one-game ban, as the Spanish league rules clearly indicate that a player could receive a longer suspension if they disregard the officials.

With all this said and done, it is expected that Neymar could see his suspension being extended by the officials. Luis Enrique, quite surprisingly, took the stand of Neymar.

“It’s curious that a team like us that doesn’t usually kick people gets so many yellow cards in such an incomprehensible manner,” Enrique said.

“There was some very ugly tackles from behind from their team, which didn’t see them get booked and others committed by us which were given yellows.

“The rules are there to be interpreted, but equally for everyone. I don’t understand certain fouls were not given to us, but we are used to it.”€

Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo reacts during the match against Espanyol.

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Furthermore, Real Madrid ace Cristiano Ronaldo is on the brink of getting suspended himself. So far, he has four booking to his name and should he picks up another in the following game, away to Sporting de Gijón, he will be ruled out for the El Classico.

His compatriot Dani Carvajal was in the similar situation and his caution against Atletico Madrid means that he will miss Real’s trip to El Molinón, but will be available for the Barcelona fixture. Ronaldo, furthermore, will have to be very cautious against Sporting, if he tends to make his mark in one of the biggest fixtures of the sport.


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