The Dab Master Has An Accurate Nickname for Paulo Dybala

Juventus' Paulo Dybala celebrates after scoring his second goal.

REUTERS/Giorgio Perottino

Nicknames in football can either be one to remember and be proud of or one you wish you never had.

However, Paulo Dybala has recently got one which not only does fit him well, but he also completely lives up to it.

This discovery came after the UEFA Champions League quarter final between Juventus and Barcelona which saw the Italian side come up surprising 3-0 winners, with a man of the match performance from the Argentine hailed as the next Messi.

The player helped himself to two first half beautiful goals to put the Old Lady in advantage and in driving position for next week’s away fixture in Spain.

One of those goals from Dybala however had a video game feel to it as it resembled a FIFA goal scored using the technique of turn and shoot.

On seeing this spectacle, Pogba’s quote from last year started doing the rounds on twitter which saw him saying, “I call Dybala ‘Square R2’. That’s the combination u press on PlayStation to do a turn and shot. He always scores like that.”

Pogba is known for his friendships with players around the globe including the likes of Griezmann and Neymar and it is good to see another possible Ballon D’or winner in the future to be a part of his circle.

Dybala is on the verge of greatness and putting up such a performance against Messi and his side will be a night he will cherish for his entire footballing career to come.

However, the Nou Camp is  scary place to visit for a second leg as PSG might know and Dybala will have to be at the top of his game yet again to ensure he plays the semi final of the competition.


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