Lyon And Besiktas Face European Bans Due To Fan Trouble

Reuters / Robert Pratta

The fans of both clubs, Lyon and Besiktas, have landed themselves and their teams in a huge spot of bother, after their misbehaviour and disrespect for the game was on an unacceptable high during the latest European League quarter final clash that took place in France on the 13th of April.

Though the match was eventually held and the home side Lyon emerged as 2-1 winners in the first leg, it was not before a 45 minute delay took place due to violence and troubles brought forward by the fans.

Besides the action on the pitch, the Parc Olympique Lyonnais was witness to crowd disturbances and unruly behaviour off it as well, as the stands were a place of mayhem and mishap throughout the night.

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In the statement released by UEFA, it has mentioned that the charges that the French club will face are due to fireworks being set off in the stands, blocked stairways, insufficient organisation, crowd disturbances, and a field invasion which followed their side’s second goal, which was also the winner.

On the other hand, Besiktas are in trouble due to similar crowd disturbances, viz. setting off fireworks, and for the throwing of objects.

The suspended bans for the clubs are for a period of 2 years in any European competition, and to add further damage, each have been fined with a fee of a 100,000 euros too.

The second leg takes place tonight at 20:05pm BST, and with the venue being Turkey, one can never know what the fans will be upto this time around.


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