Cristiano Ronaldo Could Be In Trouble For His Gesture Towards A Celta Player

REUTERS/Vincent West

Cristiano Ronaldo is never far away from controversies, and his latest gesture towards Celta defender Cabral can bring him more trouble. 

Real Madrid hammered Celta 4-1 to move just one point away from the La Liga title. Cristiano Ronaldo did the talking on the pitch with a brace, but he also did some literal talking as well, which could warrant some kind of punishment for the attacker.

According to Marca, a footage by Minuto 0 showed Ronaldo rubbing his fingers pretending to carry an invisible suitcase – the action was deciphered as an act of getting paid in cash from a suitcase. The footage also indicates that Ronaldo said, ” Briefcase… You. Much Money” to the Celta defender. You can check the video here:

Cristiano Ronaldo was accusing Celta players to have received a Maletin (Briefcase) full of money to make Real Madrid drop points.

The Maletin is, rightly so, one of the most maligned concepts in Spanish football. This practice involves a title challenger offering a bribe to a team facing the League leaders to make them drop points. In other words, it is a form of match fixing and has been prevalent in Spanish football for a long time.

Although Cristiano Ronaldo’s gesture doesn’t guarantee that a Maletin was offered to the Celta players, but it sure has brought a serious matter into the limelight. Ronaldo himself might face trouble if he is found guilty of suggesting a serious allegation without the event (Maletin) taking place.


Written by Shorya Panwar  

Has 20+ years of experience managing Schalke in Football Manager 2017. Believes wing-backs are the most complete footballers in the modern/evolved football. Writes weird stuff on his personal blog.


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