Ivan Perisic Displays His Displeasure Inter Milan In Team Photo

Ivan Perisic of Croatia in action with Taijo Teniste of Estonia.

REUTERS/Ints Kalnins

Like every other football club on a tour in the summer pre-season months, Inter Milan took a team picture in Italy this week. But of course, there is a catch!

Ivan Perisic, the infamous Inter player who has been linked with Manchester United for some time now, bears a pose which clearly resembles a similar pose by Ashley Cole in a team photo during his time at Roma.

In the picture of the Inter squad visiting the Kronplatz mountains in Italy, while the entire team looks jubilant and happy, the Croatian player seems miserable at best. Perisic can be seen awkwardly standing at a distance from the rest of the players, and probably the only one to be grim in the entire squad.




The image, posted by Gabriel Barbosa on Twitter, took no time to parallel comparisons with Ashley Cole’s  picture at Roma, thanks to the ever entertaining fans on the social media platform.




The emotions on his face most definitely do not indicate any emotion of happiness, and many fans have linked it to his displeasure with the club for bottling his move to Manchester United. They believe that Perisic is clearly not happy at the club, and wants to send a message to the board as well. The image does add some weight to the claims, as he looks indifferent to the entire squad.

Teammate Mauro Icardi recently revealed that Perisic should not be kept at San Siro if he is not happy. Speaking to Premium Sport, he said: “It’s not something we talk about in the dressing room. If he’s not happy then he has to leave, as the Coach [Luciano Spalletti] says. He needs to do what makes him happy.”


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Written by Srivats Venkateswaran  

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