‘Mini Mourinho’ Emerges As The Favourite To Replace Ancelotti At Bayern Munich

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Bayern Munich took a decisive step on Thursday, when they announced that they had parted ways with veteran manager Carlo Ancelotti following their 3-0 defeat to PSG in the UEFA Champions League.

Apart from the loss in Europe’s highest competition, a lacklustre display in the Bundesliga, coupled with an utterly disastrous failure to ape the kind of teamplay that the German giants enjoyed under Pep Guardiola, is also believed to be a huge part as to why the Italian manager was given the boot.

Now, supporters as well as opponents of the side will be eager to know who the replacement for Ancelotti will be, to take control of the helm of a club which is one of the top names in Europe.


Reports have emerged suggesting that Hoffenheim manager Julian Nagelsmann is being considered for the post. The 30-year-old would be an interesting choice, owing to his age and lack of serious silverware when compared to Ancelotti’s impressive record of three UEFA Champions League titles – a record.



Following the decorated manager’s exit, Willy Sagnol has been named as the interim boss, and he too, might have a chance at leading the side. Both the names might raise some doubts in the minds of the Bayern fans, who are used to celebrated bosses guiding their team to domestic and European triumphs.

This may be provided in the form of former Borussia Dortmund manager Thomas Tuchel, who might also be in the running. However, he too, poses a problem, being infamous for having strong disputes with upper board management and players too, making him a relatively unlikely option for the Bavarian club.

Regardless of whom they choose, Bayern Munich must make their decision swiftly, and establish a sense of semblance amongst their roster. Only then can they seek to bolster their hopes and chances, and try and achieve something out of a difficult UEFA Champions League group, and most importantly, retain their Bundesliga crown.

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