Alexis Sanchez Has Decided Which Club He Wants To Join In January

Alexis Sanchez looks dejected.

Reuters / John Sibley

As long as talented players go, not all are happy to remain where they are. The best case of this was seen when Neymar moved to PSG earlier this summer, not wishing to stay under the shadow of Lionel Messi, and so, when the right club knocked, off he went.

A similar conflict seems to lie within Alexis Sanchez, who was very much on the verge of completing a move to Manchester City on deadline day, if not for Arsenal’s incapability of signing a replacement in time. So he stayed on, unwillingly, but reports now suggest that he has finally made up his mind over the future.

As per Mirror, the 28-year-old will choose to join Pep Guardiola in Manchester during the winter transfer window, and Arsenal might be powerless to do anything to change his mind.

This awkward standoff has come as a result of the Chilean forward serving the last year of his contract with the Gunners. As of such, the club has the option to either sell him in January, or let him complete the season and go off as a free agent in the end.

Last week, Arsene Wenger opened up about wanting to choose the former route, and cash in on the player while he still can. However, here too, the London club will suffer immensely, due to the fact that City will only accept the signing if the fee is somewhere in the range of £20m, which is quite different a figure from their reported £60m bid on deadline day.

As of such, the Citizens have nothing to lose, for even if the player doesn’t sign in January, they aren’t hurting on the attacking front, and will be able to acquire him for free next season. Arsenal, on the other hand, might see the ex-Barcelona star go for nothing if they choose to retain him just for a few months.

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