What Romelu Lukaku Must Do On Sunday To Win The Derby For United

Jose Mourinho speaks with Romelu Lukaku.

Reuters/Jason Cairnduff

When Manchester United go against Manchester City on Sunday, more than just longstanding rivalry will be at stake, as any result whatsoever, from a goalless draw to a one-sided show, will significantly affect the title race.

As of such, the players will be on extra vigilance to find the peak of their performances, and Old Trafford could very well witness a spell that will trump several other illustrious encounters.

One player who must really find his footing again is Romelu Lukaku. United’s top goalscorer this season has been in a slump to forget, but now, one Mancunian legend might have the perfect solution to the Belgian’s woes.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Ryan Giggs opined: “I think center-forwards go through droughts and when you’re a Manchester United forward the scrutiny multiplies and that was always going to be the case.

“I said at the start of the season Lukaku will be judged on the big games because he’ll score goals, there’s no doubt about that. The big games are what will define him as a being a really great United center-forward.”

However, that defining moment is yet to arrive for the 24-year-old, who has failed to find the back of the net against any of the top six Premier League teams so far this season, and City will be the perfect opponents for him to break that piece of bad luck.

Giggs continued: “I think he’s really important in this game because when he holds the ball up, like he did a couple of times against Arsenal, we’re a different team, whereas when it keeps coming back, like against Liverpool and Chelsea, when he wasn’t holding it up, it is just wave after wave of attacks.”

Mourinho too, will have a similar piece of advice for the ex-Evertonian, whose 12 goals have been impressive, but the last 2 have arrived in a span of 13 matches, which is worrying.

The Welshman concluded: “Once he gets that hold up play the rest will come because he is a goalscorer. I was at the Champions League game on Tuesday night and he didn’t do a lot but his finish for his goal was really good, so that will give him a big lift because going into this game without scoring the pressure would have been even more.”

The Red Devils’ supporters across the globe will be hoping for the very same come Sunday.


Written by Naveen Kelvin  

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