WATCH: What Sir Alex Ferguson Said To Jose Mourinho

Sir Alex Ferguson in the stands.

Reuters / Andrew Boyers

The essence of wisdom lies in its ability to be passed on. In the great game, sound advice is not uncommon, and with numerous giants dotting the history books, one can always pay heed to a former great when in times of doubt.

It would appear that Jose Mourinho was parry to such an advice, and its implication, if taken well, could have a great impact on the manner in which United lineup in the future.

During the memorial service commemorating 60 years since the tragic crash that saw the flowers of Manchester forever immortalized, a rare sight was to be seen.

In this clip making the rounds on social media, Sir Alex Ferguson is seen chatting with Jose Mourinho, and the subject of the conversation could very well be young midfielder Scott McTominay.

Having passed Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the legendary manager had a brief chat with McTominay. Next having met Mourinho, the former gaffer was seen pointing at the 21-year-old, which has led many to believe he was telling the Portuguese tactician to play McTominay more regularly.

Having been given the start in place of a form-wary Paul Pogba, McTominay made a half-decent impact on the game, but certainly seemed eager and hungry for more game time.

Mourinho himself seemed to notice this, as he stated post-match: “I made a few changes thinking about the characteristics of this game and I think this kid [McTominay] has a great desire to recover the ball when the team is not in possession.

“He’s a kid that chases the ball, that tries to recover high up the pitch and when he has the ball it is always simple and against opponents like Huddersfield, so close and with so many bodies behind the ball, the simplicity sometimes is genius.”

Similar to several cases before, has Sir Alex Ferguson spotted yet another budding legend, and if so, will Mourinho work on the alleged advice?


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