WATCH: Zlatan’s Reaction When American TV Show Host Referred To Football As Soccer

Zlatan Ibrahimovic pitchside before the match.

Reuters / Phil Noble

After conquering the grounds of Europe and managing to win the hearts of an entire generation of earnest spectators of the great game, Zlatan Ibrahimovic has moved to the United States of America, and now plays football in the MLS under LA Galaxy.

The Swede was quick to make his mark in his debut itself, where his brace memorably won Galaxy the game. The first one was arguably one of the finest goals that the former Barcelona, PSG, and Man United striker has managed to score.

Embracing the celebrity status that he enjoys around the globe, he was part of Jimmy Kimmel’s popular late-night talk show, and as Zlatan does, he managed to shine even there.

During the course of their banter, the traditional dilemma of fans on the other side of the world came into play when Kimmel brought up the fact that football is called ‘soccer’ in America, and how it isn’t exactly their most beloved sport.

“You’re not from here, you have to understand it’s very unusual to get this kind of enthusiasm for anything related to soccer. For the most part here soccer is a game we wish our kids didn’t play so we didn’t have go to it on the weekends,” said the host, Jimmy Kimmel.

Ibrahimovic wasn’t one to keep quiet at that, and replied: “First of all soccer – football, we call it in Europe.”

Kimmel was adamant when he added: “We call it soccer, get used to it!”

But the Swede continued in typical Zlatan fashion: “So we call it football. And football is the biggest sport in the world. So imagine now when you play football and you’re on the top, how you feel.”

The moment was one of many interesting ones over the course of the interview, where Zlatan’s many nicknames were also brought up, and where the striker reckoned it was his confidence that made the difference, and that he would have excelled at any sport.

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