Arsenal Hero: ‘I Regret Not Joining Manchester United’

Arsenal fans with a flare.

Reuters/Paul Childs

Premier League clubs are arguably the most likely to attract all kinds of players, and now more than ever, the English game is viewed as perhaps the most electric arena in which to develop oneself.

However, several years before this, a young Frenchman followed his manager from Monaco to London and went on to carve history with Arsenal. That manager, of course, was Arsène Wenger, and the player in question was Emmanuel Petit.

The ace midfielder was one of the finest players of his time, and led the side to a memorable FA Cup and Premier League bout in 1998 as well as the World Cup with France, all the while remaining strong to his roots.

Now 47, he reveals in a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) about a major regret of his career: “Yes, I could have played for Manchester United. I really regret not doing that now, I could’ve played with [Ryan] Giggs, [Paul] Scholes etcetera. Some amazing players.”

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He goes on about United: “I have big respect, they’re one of the biggest clubs in Europe. They’re not just a football club. I’d probably say, of those I’ve seen regularly, the Man United 1999 treble season or Arsenal Invincibles [are the best].”


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He also adds about his current infatuations: “I really enjoy watching [Manchester] City now. But I have a crush on Liverpool – especially right now. I love [Jurgen] Klopp and would love to play under him.”

Clearly, the attractions of the evolved style of play are one that he cannot resist.

It also goes on to highlight just how diverse the atmosphere has become in England, where one side no longer screams dominance, and despite what the condition of the Premier League table would tell you now, a lasting monopoly doesn’t exist, and probably never will.

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