Confirmed: Fred Is Now Going To Manchester

REUTERS/Alessandro Bianchi

Social media is the true king these days. The lives of players are so well entwined in their online selves that their on-field antics and the business surrounding them find it hard to not seep out.

With the fast-paced nature that urges celebrities to broadcast each day of their life, the details are out there to be scrutinized.

Now, one player that Manchester United have been aching to sign in the summer window may just have great news for supporters. Or rather, the Instagram antics of one of his teammates may indicate the same.

Fred, the ace midfield talent from Shakhtar Donetsk, is the individual that both Manchester United and Manchester City have reportedly been pursuing over the months.

In an Instagram live, his teammate and captain Darijo Srna managed to get the Brazilian into the video, and what he went onto say may have United fans heavily excited.

As per Sports Witness, his words translate to: “Fred now is going to Manchester. Doesn’t know if City or United.”


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The Red Devils’ supporters went berserk on Twitter and let out their excitement over the prospect that the Mancunian club he will go to will, in fact, be United. However, one ought to not jump to conclusions either.

The fact that both Srna and Fred were in a jolly mood and laughed about the comment may indicate that the entire thing was nothing but heavy banter. In fact, it may as well have been a smart nod towards the kind of news that has been making the rounds.

But the fact remains that several sources have been linking Old Trafford with the 25-year-old, and for quite a while.

In fact, when months earlier, Shakhtar chief executive Sergei Palkin was quizzed on the prospect, he stated: “Fred will leave in June. If not to Manchester City, then to Manchester United.”

A very common theme indeed. Will Mourinho get the Carrick replacement he so badly aches for?

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