How Cristiano Ronaldo Reacted To Mohamed Salah Comparisons

Portugal's national soccer team player Cristiano Ronaldo attends a training session.

REUTERS/Rafael Marchante

Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has disregarded comparisons with Egyptian sensation Mohamed Salah ahead of the Champions League final in Kyiv.

The Portuguese international, who started the season on a weak note, took off after the turn of the year, and has been mesmerizing in front of goal, scoring literally for fun.

He has been crucial to Real Madrid’s run to the final, standing as the top goal-scorer in the competition yet again. He is currently the most in-form forward in Europe, but one player that isn’t too far behind is Mohamed Salah.

Having joined Liverpool just last summer, the former Chelsea man has been exceptional right from the first game, breaking records left and right.

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He also beat Cristiano Ronaldo’s record at United by scoring 32 goals and standing as the brand new top goal-scorer in a 38-game league in England.

Salah has also been impressive in the Champions League, and has been as crucial in getting Liverpool to the showpiece event in Ukraine.


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So it does not come as a surprise that comparisons are drawn between the two superstars, but Ronaldo has laughed off all such assessments, claiming that they are totally different.

Speaking to the media recently, Ronaldo praised Salah for his productive season and said: ‘Salah is different but I have to say he has had a fantastic Champions League a fantastic league season, but Saturday, let’s see.’

He was quick to deny that there are any similarities between the two of them, and went on to assert that he and Salah are different in many ways, and claimed that he is ‘different from everyone else’

‘He is completely different. He plays with the left, I play with the right. I’m tall he’s a little bit shorter, I play with the head. We are completely different. People want to compare me with other players but I’m different from everyone,’ he added.

Who do you think will come out on top this Saturday?

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