Cristiano Ronaldo “Regularly” Asks About Manchester United

Paul Pogba with Cristiano Ronaldo before the match.

REUTERS/Massimo Pinca

Cristiano Ronaldo regularly asks about Manchester United, according to Bruno Fernandes.

Both Portuguese superstars scripted identical journeys to Old Trafford, arriving in Manchester from Sporting Lisbon. From the few months that Fernandes has spent with the Premier League outfit, he appears intent on achieving just as big an impact as Ronaldo.

Of course, United themselves are still trying to fill the no.7 sized gap that Ronaldo left in their frontline, an endeavour that several players have failed to fulfil.

As for the forward himself, despite having moved to Real Madrid and now Juventus, the superstar still keeps tabs on his old club.

Speaking to Manchester United’s official website, Fernandes spoke about his illustrious compatriot, first revealing what role Ronaldo may have played in his own transfer: “I always wanted to play for this team and it doesn’t matter who can talk about it – bad or good, I will come.

“It was my dream to play in the Premier League,” he added. “I have the choice to come to Manchester United and it was two dreams in one. It was perfect. Of course, I spoke with Cristiano after and he spoke very well about the club. I spoke with him some days ago, again.”

The Portuguese midfielder then went on to reveal that the 35-year-old is still eager to be abreast about everything that goes on at Old Trafford, as he adds: “Every time I speak with him, he asks me how Manchester is and if everything is okay. Everyone knows he spent a lot of time in Manchester and he has consideration for the club. He likes the club, I think he won his first Ballon d’Or here, so it’s a club who’ve marked him, for sure.”

Certainly a fond recollection and one that fans will definitely be reading into given that a transfer window is upon us.