Wayne Rooney Believes Lionel Messi Could Win Seventh Ballon d’Or With Bruno Fernandes

Manchester United's Scott McTominay in action with Barcelona's Lionel Messi.

Reuters/Lee Smith

Wayne Rooney feels that Lionel Messi could win another Ballon d’Or if he joins Man City.

The Messi v/s Cristiano Ronaldo debate for the true title of GOAT hinges on several factors. The one that keeps giving the edge to the Portuguese international is his brilliance across numerous competitions.

However, now that Messi appears to be exit-bound, supporters may have an answer after all.

Wayne Rooney, who has played alongside Ronaldo, however, cheers the other superstar instead and has good reason to do so.

Speaking to talkSPORT, Rooney had weighed in about the sheer brilliance of Messi and what his future move ought to be, stating: “Messi has everything – he can create goals, score goals, dictate the game and is the best player of all time. He’s one of the only players I’ve sat there and watched and been in awe.”

In the same interview, the former Manchester United striker thinks that Messi would be fantastic in the Premier League and ought not to go anywhere else, adding: “The United States shouldn’t be in his mind because he’s too good. He could come to the Premier League and be a Player of the Year. One million per cent.”

In fact, the player’s next statement was quite a powerful one, as he opines: “If he surrounds himself with Bruno Fernandes or Kevin De Bruyne he could win a seventh Ballon d’Or, which would be incredible.”

It does speak volumes about the sheer quality on hand that Pep Guardiola commands. Adding Messi to the Sky Blues would make them an even more terrific source of goals than they already are.

The grand debate could be solved if Messi opts for the move. Ronaldo has already proven his record with three top tier sides; will the Argentine striker prove Rooney right? It’s the waiting game hereon.