Marcus Rashford’s Goal Scoring Record In Big Games Is Absolutely Phenomenal

Manchester United's Marcus Rashford against PSG.

REUTERS/Gonzalo Fuentes

Marcus Rashford’s ability to make headlines truly knows no bounds. The Manchester United striker rose further to prominence for his activities off the pitch during the crisis months.

However, when it comes to “sticking to football” the English forward is just as exceptional in his knack for the sublime. At just 22 years of age, Rashford has already carved out a prominent name for himself and appears enroute to stamp his presence onto the echelons of English football.

He appears to primarily do so by showing up during big games and making the core difference.

This statistic enumerating his goals and assists against some top-tier opponents alone says the whole tale.


The Premier League numbers are quite something, particularly when even the folds of the top six sides are extended, like in the case of Leicester City.

In fact, that Rashford has scored the same number of Champions League goals as Kylian Mbappe at the Parc des Princes since 2018/19 speaks volumes of his raw impact.

There is no denying that he still has a lot to improve though. During the aforementioned game, his seeming hesitancy to be selfish with his shots and have a go for it as highlighted. Incidentally, when he did elect to let it loose, it was in a beautiful fashion and the late highlight was quite something.

All this at still 22 is something that even his critics appear to forget. There is only one way where he’ll hope to head and for that to happen he must first better his career-best numbers from last campaign.

Incidentally, with Saturday’s Premier League outing against Chelsea, he now has another chance to increase this formidable tally.