What Fans Are Saying About Victor Lindelof’s Passing Skills

Pool via REUTERS/Peter Powell

Victor Lindelof’s long passing is proving to be a real delight for Manchester United.

The Swedish centre-back certainly had a tumultuous start at the club with many fans dismissive of him during his initial days at Old Trafford. However, he went on to slowly cement his place at the back and has now become the unquestionable partner for Harry Maguire.

Whilst their collective defensive prowess has many questions, especially since United have conceded a worrying number of goals this season, their impact to the total game is quite something.

In this regard, fans decided to zero in on a particular quality of Lindelof, which was put to spectacular use in their recent 2-3 comeback win over Sheffield United.

Victor Lindelof has shown a great knack for long passes from the back which effectively take out the vast majority of the opposition and is an effective counter to the press.

When done well, goal-scoring opportunities are conjured as was the case for Marcus Rashford’s equalizer on Thursday with the Swede picking up a well-deserved assist.


It will be paramount for Ole Gunnar Solskjær to try and use this more often in a bid to create yet more opportunities for goals. Essentially speaking, the Red Devils can capitalize on this and use their ample pace and clinical finishing up-front to create a regular source of goals.

However, all this cannot come at the cost of actual defensive stability which has often been questionable this season. While mistakes are plenty, such ethos from the duo does explain why Solskjær is making them undroppable week-in and week-out.

Of course, the lack of adequate competition for the spots is still a concern and one that the club may do well to solve in the upcoming transfer window.