Where Man Utd Would Be In The Premier League Table Without Bruno Fernandes

Man Utd's Bruno Fernandes celebrates scoring their third goal.

Pool via REUTERS/Glyn Kirk EDIT

The fact that Man Utd would be a starkly different team without Bruno Fernandes is evident.

In just over a year of football, the Portuguese midfielder has transformed the Red Devils, becoming a prolific goalscorer and a reliable creator as well. Further still, he brings an infectious winning mentality to the squad that few other players have managed to ape in this short a time period.

However, returning to his goal-contribution tally, one sees a sizable difference. With Sunday’s thumping effort to ensure a 1-1 draw away to West Bromwich Albion, Fernandes had a goal contribution to his name to equal the number of appearances he put in at the club. With 38 caps, the midfielder scored 22 goals and created 16.

This number itself is astonishing and is particularly telling of his contributions this season. What is more shocking is where the club would have been bereft of his role

A tweet from a supporter appropriately shows just that.


The 15th position is quite a shocking drop for a team who were atop the table just last month.

However, what this arguably illustrates better is just how dependant Ole Gunnar Solskjær and company are on Fernandes. The absence of holistic impact from the top players in the roster may just be the reason why the side is struggling to make the real run for the Premier League title that is expected of them.

Further still, even though they have become the first team to breach the 50 goal mark in the league so far this campaign, that top number is still lacking the full goal-scoring potential of the likes of Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial.

That has to change if any late-season push to change the status quo is to be expected.