“He Never Panics” – Sir Alex Names The Best Young Player In World Football

Reuters / Jason Cairnduff

The opinions of Sir Alex Ferguson perhaps match with next to no one when it comes to predicting quality and having an eye for talent.

While fans may argue that duds did exist over there too, like for instance naming David Moyes as his successor or funding big-money moves for the likes of Anderson, for the most part the Scottish genius has scripted immensely successful careers.

As such, it is certainly intriguing to see what the gaffer has to say about the most highly rated youngster, and his reply does sting of bias although one cannot entirely blame him.

Speaking to Gary Neville while promoting his upcoming documentary, Never Give In, when the legendary gaffer was posed a fan question as to which young footballer in the world he would rate the highest, Ferguson named Mason Greenwood.



Speaking about the teenager sensation who is presently enjoying yet another goal-laden season at Man United, SAF opined: “He has got the coolness and the coldness of a great striker. He never panics, his shots are always low and always inside the post.”

Words that are certainly meaningful and of some impact coming from the great man. In effectively just two seasons, Greenwood has certainly managed to put himself on the radar.

He goes on to add: “I think that shows great qualities.”

Ferguson also adds that Manchester City’s Phil Foden is also on that list, claiming that the other English youngster is capable of rising up to the likes of Silva in the ranks at the Etihad.

These are certainly appraisals to keep an eye on and it will be interesting to see just how the two youngsters live up to the hope and potential that have been pinned onto them. As for Ferguson, the gaffer’s recent comments have painted quite a bit of colour on United’s current standings as well.