How Daniel James’ Transfer Could Affect Cristiano Ronaldo’s Jersey Number At United

Reuters/Jason Cairnduff

Manchester United have resigned CR7. However, whether or not Cristiano Ronaldo will don the illustrious no.7 jersey at Old Trafford still remains unknown, largely due to Premier League rules regarding the same.

However, it is reported that the club has made a request to the League for the special dispensation under which a switch of jersey numbers will be permitted despite the fact that the season has started.

If the same is approved, Edinson Cavani will be giving away his no.7 jersey to Ronaldo. However, that does leave the question as to what jersey Cavani would don for the remainder of his time at the club.

This is where United’s latest piece of business comes into the picture.

Manchester United’s late transfer activity saw the sale of Daniel James to Leeds United. While the sale is a clear-cut indication of Ronaldo’s arrival, given that it will free up a much-needed attacker’s spot in an already crowded roster, it can also have another implication.

James’ departure frees up the no.21 jersey at the side. Incidentally, this is the squad number that Cavani reps during his international outings with Uruguay. Thus, it is conceivable that if the special dispensation is granted and Cavani gives up his shirt, he can easily take up the number that he is used to wearing for his country.

In this manner, it would not be entirely unfair for the veteran striker to vacate the illustrious no.7 jersey.

Having said that, if the League does not permit the switch, then fans will have to settle for Ronaldo in a different jersey, possibly even the 21 itself, or the more memorable 28 in which he started his career, or even an increasingly popular suggestion of 77 so that some part of the illustrious number remains.

As Lionel Messi’s much-anticipated PSG debut occurred in a no.30 jersey earlier this week, such a change would not be entirely unprecedented.