Juventus Award No. 10 Shirt To Paulo Dybala, Pogba Move Imminent

Adidas have already begun selling Juventus No. 10 shirts with the name Dybala written behind, which indicates that Pogba’s move to Old Trafford is imminent.

Express Sport report that Paul Pogba is edging ever closer to a return to Old Trafford, with only a few finer details left to be negotiated.

And a new development has taken place over the last few days in Paris, where a Twitter user found that Adidas are already selling Juventus No.10 shirts with Dybala’s name on the back.

The No. 10 shirt was awarded to Pogba during the 2015/16 season, following the departure of Carlos Tevez. The shirt holds a lot of prestige and honor, as it was worn by legends like Michel Platini, Alessandro Del Piero, and Roberto Baggio.

Paulo Dybala wore the 21 shirt last season, and it looks like he will take up Pogba’s No. 10 shirt for the upcoming season.

Paul Pogba is currently in America, enjoying his post-Euro 2016 holiday. However, it is unsure whether he will travel straight to Manchester or Turin after he completes his summer vacation.

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How Manchester United Could Line Up Next Season

Jose Mourinho would like to sign the 23-year-old before his first competitive match of the season, but negotiations have been slow.

Should Pogba’s move to Manchester United materialize, then it would make him the most expensive footballer of all time – as the Red Devils will pay out a massive £112 million just to secure his services.

News outlets around the globe are reporting that Pogba has already agreed on a £275,000-a-week salary – which will put him just behind Wayne Rooney in terms of earning.

The 23-year-old midfield man left Manchester United in 2012, with both parties having different stories for the reason of his departure. Pogba claimed that he left because he wasn’t given enough of a chance in the first team squad, but the Red Devils claim that he was demanding a much higher wage.


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