Jose Mourinho: Leicester’s Title Win Unique to England

The new Manchester United boss spoke about Leicester City during an interview with MUTV, stating that such a Title triumph would only happen in England.

Jose Mourinho, who was recently targeted by Bayern Munich’s President for his treatment of Schweinsteiger, didn’t want to leave a reply for Karl, but instead took a dig at Europe’s other top tier leagues.

United face Leicester City in Sunday’s FA Community Shield match, and the boss spoke at length about how something as rare as Leicester City’s Premier League triumph could only have happened in England.

The Portuguese manager, who has managed clubs in four different countries, suggests that other leagues would simply not allow for such an anomaly to occur.

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“Maybe English football has changed them. This is the only country where everyone wants this to happen,” he stated.

“This is the only country where the football structures allow this to happen. In the other countries, the powerful clubs don’t want this to happen. In the other countries, they do not want to have to share the money. They don’t want to share TV rights.

“In the other countries, they want to be comfortable and know they will always be the top dogs in the Champions League. They want it to be a competition of two, three or four and if possible a competition of just one. So this is a special country.”

Mourinho also appeared to target Bayern Munich when he spoke about how clubs in Europe’s top leagues are “stealing” top players from rival clubs in order to cool down the competition. The Bavarians signed Robert Lewandowski, Mario Götze, and Mats Hummels from their rivals, Borussia Dortmund.

“You have, around Europe, people who when you listen to them it looks like they are the Mother Teresa of football but they are not. You go to many countries and clearly they are happy the way they are. It is not just about them being powerful. It is also to go to the clubs that can be direct competition and every season steal their best players so they don’t want a league.

“In this country, we want a league. Everybody wants a league. An amazing story like Leicester brings even more credibility to the Premier League and that’s why the Premier League is the Premier League.”

Jose Mourinho also warned the Foxes that this season may not be as successful as their last, given that they are now playing in the Champions League, however, he said that they have a “better squad” this season, and he hopes that all goes well for Ranieri and his squad.

“They have a new experience, playing in the Champions League, where they’ll have a minimum of six big matches, which changes the profile of their season and their training methodology.

“But they have a better squad; they brought in players and their manager is good – he is experienced. I think they can cope, I hope they cope. I wish everything goes well for them.”

Manchester United finished fifth last season, meaning that Mourinho and his players will not feature in this season’s UEFA Champions League, but will play in the UEFA Europa League.

The Red Devils played in the Europa League last season as well, but failed to get past Liverpool in the Round of 16.

Jose Mourinho won the Europa League during his time in Chelsea, and will be looking to replicate the triumph this season.

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  1. Rogee on August 6, 2016 at 9:09 pm

    Mourihno didn’t win Europa league with Chelsea but Rafael Benitez did. Get your facts right Mr. writer.

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