Jurgen Klopp Warns Premier League Rivals Of Liverpool’s Financial Power

Jurgen Klopp celebrates after the match with players.

Reuters / Carl Recine

Liverpool are all set to flex their financial muscle in the upcoming summer transfer window, manager Jurgen Klopp has revealed.

The Anfield giants have recently seen themselves get financially outclassed by the likes of Chelsea, Manchester City, and Manchester United, amongst other clubs. However, Jurgen Klopp has now revealed that Liverpool will go head-to-head with these rich Premier League clubs, and be ready to spend big in the upcoming summer to land their desired transfer targets.

When asked whether Liverpool have the financially capability to compete at the highest level, Klopp replied (via Liverpool Echo): “I think yes. What is the highest level? Is it only to battle with the teams around? I think it’s pretty difficult if Barcelona makes you an offer, I am not sure a player will choose you instead.

“Domestically? Yeah, we can go for the players we want. It was not since I was here for one second about money. Nobody told me in this club: ‘Stop, that is too much money.’ It was always because we were convinced about the player, the situation.

“We have all the same plan. Sporting director, scouting department, owners, myself, we want to make this club as big and successful as possible. We will spend money in the summer.”

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The German tactician then went on to compare his club’s transfer policy with that of Chelsea and Manchester United, by stating: “If you only think you have to spend the same amount of money as other clubs, then yeah, maybe it’s more likely to fight for the same players.

“Is it possible to fight with those clubs for those players? In a few moments it is possible. It will not be about money I am sure. We can go for the players we want to go for. Can we go for a player Manchester United want to go for? If United make an offer, if Chelsea make an offer, does it make sense to jump in? I don’t know.

“So is it then about money or is it that players think: ‘Manchester is a nicer city or I want to live in London instead of Liverpool?’ We have to make a decision apart from what the other clubs want. We have to make a decision, and if then the club comes to me and says: ‘That is too expensive’, I have to accept it. But that didn’t happen until now and I don’t expect it to happen.”


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