Going Down: 4 Reasons Which Ensure That Sunderland Will Be Relegated This Season

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Sunderland as a team have been a huge part of the Premier League, and from once having a reputation of being giant killers bringing along surprise packaged performances, they have fallen in their reputation over the past few years. The past seasons have been frustrating for the club, as each time they fall short for the entire season before staging miraculous comebacks to stay in the league, to only repeat the cycle next time onwards.

However, this year, there are a few things that have gone differently for Sunderland, and those might be enough for them to be demoted once may arrives.

1. Change in plans

As seen on previous occasions, Sunderland have been in a similar spot during each season and have had to revert to change in management mid season in order to pull off strings of victories and shocking returns to complete their yearly survival escapes.

However, this year, when they’ve probably been at their worst so far, it is surprising to see no change of manager, as the owners put blind faith in David Moyes. The Scot does have a reputation of bringing steadiness to a club in the long run, but fails to be working his magic so far with the Black Cats. He might have to start rebuilding his side from down in the Championship next season onwards.

2. The will to rise from last spot

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Sunderland are a team that are used to being in the danger zone of relegation every season, and it is around this point of time that they start turning things around for great escapes.

However, this season does not seem to carry the same promise, as the Black Cats continue to play football that impresses nobody, and lack the will to rise from the inevitable fall yet again. With them being rooted at the bottom of the table and teams nearby gaining points, form, and momentum, it is almost assured that they will be finally facing the axe this season.

3. Luck

Sunderland as a team that have heavily depended on good fortunes to save them in previous seasons, and that has managed to work until now.

Luck is, maybe, for losers, and the sooner the Black Cats understand that, the easier it might be to turn things around. Losing points in the last minutes, missing crucial chances to win games, and unforced errors in matches have all led to the team being stuck right down at the foot of the table with no escape up for grabs.

To add to that, the recent rise in form of neighbouring positioned teams like Leicester City, Hull City, and Crystal Palace have further hammered blows on David Moyes’s players, and at the moment, there seems no answer available from anybody in that squad.

4. Exit of Players

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Sunderland have never been a team filled with immense quality or unbelievable ground-breaking talent, but over the years, they have had players who somehow manage to do the job.

The squad bought in a lot of players during the start of the season, including Adnan Januzaj, Paddy McNair, Donald Love, and Oviedo, all being good players but too early in their careers to help save a club from facing the axe in the toughest league.

The loss of players in the form of Younes Kaboul, Danny Graham, Steven Fletcher, Wes Brown, Sebastian Coates and Patrick Van Aanholt, who left the club during the course of the season, was enough to knock the experience out of the club and leave it in all possible sorts of trouble.

Sides like Crystal Palace, Swansea city, Leicester City and Hull City all realised the fall of their clubs and made changes to it and the staff, which seem to be positive and working well for the immediate future and survival of the squad.

It might already be too late for Sunderland to save themselves, but pride is still on the line, and if they manage to play for that and salvage some of it, it might not be a total disaster in the end.

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